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How are Swway Sunglasses and Lenses Eco-Friendly?

Swway sunglasses are the world’s Most Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Sunglasses! They are:. We believe in the Circular Responsibility Economy, so you can return your old frames and lenses to us and we will recycle or upcycle them into new p

How do I dispose of my Sunglasses?

We believe in a circular and graceful End of Life for all of our products! Pela sunglasses and lenses can be sent back to us for recycling using our Pela 360 program. Please contact us at [email protected] with the subject line Pela 360 for more inf

Are Swway Sunglasses polarized?

We do not currently offer polarization for any of our sunglasses. Once we find a sustainable, eco-friendly polarization method, we will look into adding this to our line up!

Are Swway Sunglass frames compatible with prescription lenses?

Yes! Swway frames were built to allow lenses to be easily swapped out for prescription lenses or our blue light filtering lenses.

How do I change lenses?

Watch the tutorial video here

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