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Why are there only some colors and sizes offered for your Engraved/Charity collections?

In order to avoid wasteful surplus stock, we research our best selling colours, engravings and sizes to put forward products that will meet demand as close as possible. We understand people have different taste but we do our best to curate the best c

Can I get a case that is not listed/listed as unavailable on your website?

At this time, we can only fulfill orders of our current stock which is everything listed, up-to-date on our website. We announce product releases in our newsletter, on Facebook and on Instagram.

I can’t find a case for my phone model, what do I do?

We list everything we have on our website and any upcoming products are listed either as preorders or with an email sign up. If you do not see your phone model, we sadly do not carry it at this time. To know about any products we do release, please s

I can’t find the colour or engraving I want for the phone I have, what do I do?

Our curated collections are based on our market research so we don't create wasteful overstock. If you do not see the combination you'd like, we do not have it available at this time. We are always open to suggestions :). We understand people have di

Do you make cases for Android devices?

All our products that are available for purchase will always be listed on our website ( without exception. If you do not see your device, we unfortunately do not create any accessories for it. We do have various iPhone and Android models