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Pela Collective Membership

What are the benefits to being a Collective Member??

Now it's easier than ever to protect our planet. 🌿 On top of most existing deals that we have running, you'll save 30% on all of our products, for life. You can look forward to some really exciting releases coming soon! Applicable at Pela Case, Pela

Why do we have a membership?

We noticed most of our customers buy 3-5 items from us in each year. This is a way to give our best customers better pricing as a thank-you for being so loyal to Pela while we work hard to make products that are better for the planet. Please note: Pe

What are the benefits to early access?

Over the past few months, we’ve released some new products and the demand has been so overwhelming that they’ve sold out in just days. We want to make sure that our most loyal customers are skipping to the front of the line so that they’re guaranteed

What does Pela get out of this?

To answer that, we first need to share some information with you. #1 - There are 3.5 billion mobile phone users on the planet. Pela has so far only managed to convert ~600,000 of those to using more sustainable products. So we still have a LONG way t

Is this a monthly membership?

Pela Collective is a monthly membership! You'll be charged monthly on the same date of purchase (ie. January 1st order will have the next charge on Feb 1st and so on) $4.95 and with that you'll get $5 allowance per month attached to your account! It'

Can I cancel my Collective Membership?

After initially purchasing the membership you’ll become a member for a minimum of 3 months AFTER the original purchase (4 charges total). After that, cancel anytime. Just email us at [email protected]. You probably won’t though…cause stopping even m

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