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How does it work?

Ethos is embedded with custom designed Alara technology, that automatically couples with your phone’s internal antennas to dramatically reduce exposure by redirecting radiation away from the user instead of shielding or blocking radio frequency (RF)

Who is Alara?

Alara is the leader in radiation reduction technology! They have the industry’s most comprehensive patent portfolio around radiation reduction, and are proud to provide users with peace of mind, seamlessly integrated with device protection.

Why should I have Ethos?

Simply put, to protect your health! Ethos redirects harmful EMF radiation that is emitted from your cell phone. Neat! :)

How much does it reduce?

Ethos reduces EMF radiation by up to 80%!

How do I know it’s working?

Alara, the technology behind Ethos has been tested by a certified independent laboratory to show up to 80% reduction in EMF. You won’t see or feel any difference, but we assure you it’s working!

What is EMF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field.

What is RF?

RF stands for Radio Frequency.

Is it eco-friendly? Can I compost it?

Ethos is made from kraft paper with vegetable based ink that is compostable! The antenna portion is made of a pure silver ink and can be cut off prior to composting for recycling. We are transitioning to all Ethos, not including adhesive. Ethos can b

Why won’t it work with a different phone?

The Alara antenna in each Ethos is designed for the specific phone model, based on their antenna location and parameters. The Ethos insert is designed to perfectly fit inside the corresponding Pela case for that phone.

Will it affect my signal or wi-fi?

Nope, it will not affect your signal! Ethos is embedded with custom designed antennas that automatically pair with your phone to dramatically reduce exposure to cellphone radiation. Instead of shielding or blocking radio frequency (RF) radiation, Eth

Does it affect wireless charging?

No, it won't affect your wireless charging!

Does it affect the fit of my case?

It does not! Ethos is only 0.4mm thick and is specifically designed to fit between your case and your smartphone.

What if it gets wet?

Ethos antennas are printed on Kraft paper, so while we don't recommend getting it wet, its function would not degrade if it gets wet and is dried. Please pop it out if you plan to fully wash your case though!

Does this work with a non-Pela case?

Ethos is designed to fit specifically with a Pela case, and the Alara antenna is optimized for Pela's Flaxstic material.

What is the lifespan?

Ethos has an unlimited lifespan, as long as it is in one piece!

Do I have to buy a new one if I get a new case?

We suggest that you first try to peel your existing Ethos from your old case and place it on the new one. As long as Ethos is used on the specific phone model. Ethos can be used for a new case as long as it is the same phone model (for example, if th

Does it scramble or block?

Neither. Ethos redirects it away from the user, making it possible to provide protection while keeping a strong signal.

Can I swap ethos between cases?

Yes! Our Ethos can be swapped in between cases as we no longer require the use of adhesive. You may use it in multiple cases.