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Canopy Liquid Screen Protector

How does the science work?

The active ingredient fills in the existing pores of the glass. It hardens within a minute to form a very thin, very strong layer of glass on the surface. It’s highly evolved science where the liquid is engineered to covalently bond only with glass a

Is my device compatible with Canopy?

Unfortunately, some devices are NOT compatible with Canopy - this includes any non-waterproof phones such as the Samsung S7 and the iPhone SE/5 or older models.

Will it work on previously cracked screens?

Not intended for phones with cracked or refurbished screens as it can damage your phone!

Will it bond to my finger?

It will only bond to glass surfaces so the other device components (and you!) are safe! :)

How long does it last?

It will last the lifetime of your device but Canopy will wear with day to day use so we recommend re-applying every 8-12 months to keep the screen strong

How do you remove it?

You don’t! Canopy is a liquid that fuses with the molecular structure of glass and creates a thin, invisible shield.

Do your screen protectors work on curved screens?

Yes it does! The liquid can be applied anywhere :)

Can I use canopy on other devices?

Yes you can! Anything with glass can be reinforced with Canopy. iPads, watches, etc - Canopy will work with them all! Please ensure that your devices have a water resistant rating!

Will Canopy damage the home button/speaker?

No! Since the mixture is 95% ethanol, the liquid evaporates quickly and will not damage other components on your device as long as your device is compatible!

Will using my fingers to apply Canopy leave marks on the phone screen?

No not at all :)

Will it change the resolution of my device/screen?

No! Since Canopy is invisible upon application, it won’t hinder the resolution of device/screen.

What if my screen cracks or breaks while using Canopy?

We offer a Screen Protection Guarantee so if your front device screen does break while also wearing a Pela Case, we’ll pay for the repairs up to $500 USD :) (Not valid with the slim cases). Please be informed that this offer does not apply retroactiv

Does Pela have a screen protection guarantee?

Pela has a screen protection guarantee. You can find details on this program here.

Will the liquid discolour like a resin might?

No, it'll be clear with no discolouration or visual interference

Does it need to be applied precisely?

No, you just need to ensure that the entire screen has had the liquid applied to it.

Can I use it over my current screen protector?

Canopy is not meant to be applied over removable screen protectors - it’s meant to be applied directly onto your device screen :)

How do I apply it?

1. Clean your device screen (will not work on cracked screens or over plastic screen protectors). 2. Pour ⅓ of the vial onto a cloth. 3. Rub the cloth into the screen/glass surface. Be sure to get all the edges!. 4. Wait 2 minutes for the liquid to e

What’s Canopy made of?

5% active ingredient, 95% ethanol (which can be derived from corn, sugarcane, wood, etc.) All green and eco-friendly!

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